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Community-Academic Partnerships: What Communities Want

Picture from Community-Academic Partnerships: What Communities Want
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Randy Stoecker, PhD (bio)
Crystel Anders (bio)
Amy Mondloch (bio)

January 26, 2009

41 minutes

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00:02:00 Finding university partners
00:05:20 Learning about community organizations
00:07:00 Guiding university partners
00:10:10 Working with community partners
00:13:20 Effective univ/community relationships
00:16:00 Partnership vs client/consultant
00:18:45 Project hurdles and challenges
00:20:28 Timeline differences and issues
00:23:20 Components of a project plan
00:24:00 Project outcomes
00:28:02 Lengths of projects
00:31:30 Data ownership and publication
00:36:16 Writing style & format in reports
00:37:45 Sustaining the partnership
00:39:45 Overcoming the univ/community "divide"