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Community Health: Global Perspectives

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Kathleen Harrison, PhD (bio)
John A. McNulty, PhD (bio)
Constance Gundacker, BS (bio)
Nathan Gundacker, BS (bio)
Nicholas Preston, PhD (bio)
Darby Oldenburg, PhD (bio)
Douglas DaSilva, BS (bio)
Amy Rakestraw, MS, PT, MPH
Alexandra Stanculescu (bio)
David Mills, BS (bio)

February 4, 2009

1 hour and 34 minutes

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This video contains the following presentations related to Community Health: Global Perspectives from the 2009 Global Health Symposium:

The Pathology of Poverty: One Response to Economic, Education and Public Health Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa, by Kathleen Harrison, PhD and John A. McNulty

An Exploratory, Qualitative Study of Factors Affecting Children’s Agricultural Work in Tepatitlán,Mexico and Surrounding Areas, by Constance Gundacker, BS and Nathan Gundacker, BS

Eco-health Service Learning in Autlan, Mexico, by Nicholas Preston, PhD and co-author: Darby Oldenburg, PhD, assistant professor, University of Wisconsin - Richland Center

The Nepali Way: Lessons from the Volunteer Services Nepal in Delivering Health Care to Children’s Homes by Douglas DaSilva, BS

Survey of Public Health Issues in the Kuku Group Ranch, Southern Kenya, by Amy Rakestraw, MS, PT, MPH

Yambiro, Ecuador: Healthcare Needs Assessment of Rural Andean Community, by Alexandra Stanculescu and David Mills, BS

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