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Infectious Diseases

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Shi-Hsia Hwa (bio)
Jorge E. Osorio, DVM, PhD (bio)
Hanne Nissen Bjoernsen, RN, BSN
Miles Kirby, BS, MS
Marie Bastin, BS, BSN
Raisa Koltun, PharmD
Elizabeth Pleuss, MS, MPH

February 4 2009

58 minutes

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This video contains the following presentations related to Infectious Diseases from the 2009 Global Health Symposium:

Development of a Recombinant Raccoonpox Virus Vaccine Against Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza, by Shi-Hsia Hwa

A DENGUE VACCINE: Is It Needed? Is It Possible? Is It Globally Feasible? by Jorge E. Osorio, DVM, PhD

Nurses’ Role in the Fight Against TB: How Can the Nurse, Through Use of Professional Communication Skills, Motivate the TB Patient to Comply with and Complete TB Treatment? by Hanne Nissen Bjoernsen, RN, BSN, MS/MPH Candidate

The WHO Initiative to Estimate the Global Burden of Foodborne disease and the development of Tools to deal with Imperfect data by Dorte Dopfer

Assessing Community Health and Water Quality in Rural Coastal Ecuador by Miles Kirby, BS, MS, Marie Bastin, BS, BSN, MPH candidate, Raisa Koltun, PharmD, MPH candidate and Elizabeth Pleuss, MS, MPH


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