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Eating For Heart Health

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Gail Underbakke, RD, MS (bio)

March 6, 2012

43 minutes

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00:01:30 Build A Healthy Plate
00:09:44 High LDL Cholesterol and Nutrition Goals
00:13:38 High Triglycerides or Blood Sugar and Nutrition Go
00:16:47 High Blood Pressure and Nutrition Goals
00:20:51 Weight Loss and Nutrition Goals
00:24:18 Goal Setting and Nutrition
00:26:59 Set Your Nutrition Policies and Priorities
00:28:18 Exceptions to the Plan
00:30:10 Planning Meals and Snacks
00:32:33 Grocery Shopping Strategies
00:33:45 Reading Labels
00:37:08 Food Preparation and Meal Planning Tips
00:39:28 Planning Your Pantry