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Mentorship Achievement Program: Mentor Training

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Shelley Weiss (bio)

September 10, 2008

1 hour and 18 minutes

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MAP (Mentorship Achievement Program) is a medical student organization that pairs medical students with at risk middle schoolers in the community to foster their development as an individual and also to expose them to opportunities they can have beyond high school that they may not otherwise be aware of.

Given the vast differences between the medical students (mentors) and the middle schoolers (mentees), we are offering a program that will provide training for mentors to address issues such as:
* ways to relate to a mentee that comes from a very different background
* how to effectively build a relationship with the mentee
* appropriate roles for mentors in terms of giving advice to mentees
* information on how to approach difficult topics
* different ways to gain trust of mentees so that they will open up about something if they need to
* defining the role of a mentor
* direction or purpose to strive towards with developing the relationship

These topics and any other relevant information are covered in this session.