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AIMS Wellness Talk - Mellowing

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Darold Teffert, MD

November 17, 2010

48 minutes

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Darold Teffert, MD has self-published a book to meet requests for a written version of the "Mellowing" talk that has given numerous times to a variety of audiences throughout the United States including, for example, a platform presentation to the Million Dollar Roundtable in San Francisco.

The book derives from 40 years of listening to patients and their predicaments and writes a prescription of preventive steps toward becoming more mellow--"relaxed, at ease and pleasantly convivial"-- by better balancing the urgent things in our lives with the important things, and better balancing as well what we are with what we do.

Other ingredients include better prioritization, better listening, greater appreciation of the people we are privileged to live with and love, relaxing, searching for something bigger than ourselves that is worthwhile, finding a comfort 'inside' ourselves, postponing less and beginning closer to the end of life's great ventures and opportunities.