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The Art of Lecturing

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Steven B. Zwickel, JD, MSSW (bio)

January 9, 2008

45 minutes

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Steven B. Zwickel, professor in the College of Engineering Technical Communication Program, presents his ideas on The Art of Lecturing.

They have their iPods on, their cell phones set to "stun" and their thumbs ready for text messaging. They are always on-line and always connected to their network of friends. They are adults, but their "helicopter parents" remain ready to intervene if their children have problems. They see no need to "pay their dues" and no reason why they shouldn't keep switching jobs until they find the PERFECT JOB. Are you ready for the Millennials?

It seems clear that radical changes are coming to the university lecture hall: are you ready for a new audience with different values and new ideas about what education should be? What do you know about the Millennial generation and how will they affect the way all of us teach?