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What the World Needs Family Doctors

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Richard G. Roberts, MD, JD (bio)

December 11, 2007

53 minutes

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A large and growing body of evidence from around the world demonstrates consistently that healthcare systems based on family medicine and primary care have better outcomes and lower costs than specialist-dominant systems. Despite these data, student interest in primary care careers has waned, the viability of primary care practice has been threatened, and the morale of primary care clinicians has suffered. Indeed, some have questioned whether primary care can, or should, survive.

The evolution, organization, financing, and performance of healthcare systems will be reviewed, as will the history and current status of family medicine. Data will be presented that make the case for family medicine, and for the advantages of a personal medical home. Examples will be shared of initiatives from around the world to renew family medicine and primary care.

The concepts of disruptive innovation and practice redesign will be discussed, along with their likely impact on the future of healthcare. The presentation will include a combination of research findings from the peer-reviewed literature, as well as illustrative patient stories. The session will conclude with a glimpse of healthcare 300 years in the future.