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The Climate and Health Nexus: Indigenous Planetary Health

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Nicole Redvers, ND, MPH

February 17, 2022

51 minutes

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Dr. Nicole Redvers, ND, MPH, is a member of the Deninu K’ue First Nation in Denendeh and has worked with Indigenous patients, scholars, and communities around the globe her entire career. She is an assistant professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine- Indians into Medicine (INMED) at the University of North Dakota where she helped developed and launch the first Indigenous health PhD program. Dr. Redvers is co-founder and current board chair of the Canadian charity Arctic Indigenous Wellness Foundation based in Yellowknife, NWT, providing traditional Indigenous-rooted Land-based wellness supports to northerners. She has been actively involved at regional, national and international levels promoting the inclusion of Indigenous perspectives in both human and planetary health research and practice. She is author of the trade paperback book titled, The Science of the Sacred: Bridging Global Indigenous Medicine Systems and Modern Scientific Principles.