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Picture from Diabetes & Obesity video
April 21 2010

Picture from Pumps: Choosing the Right Tool for Children with Diabetes video
September 24 2009

Picture from Nutrition Tips to Manage your Diabetes video
July 22 2009

Picture from Meter Tips and Frequently Asked Questions video
July 22 2009

Picture from Foot Care Tips video
July 22 2009

Picture from Healthy Eating on the Run video
June 30 2009

Picture from Insulin and Travel Tips video
June 22 2009

Picture from Healthy Ways to Cope With Your Diabetes video
June 22 2009

Picture from Community-based Approaches to Childhood Obesity & Diabetes video
May 8 2009

Picture from Longitudinal Study of Diabetes Quality Indicators and Outcomes video
May 7 2009

Picture from Improving Childhood Fitness in Schools: Bringing the Exercise Lab to the Classroom video
April 9 2008

Picture from How Bariatrics Has Changed Our Understanding of Type II Diabetes video
March 19 2008

Picture from Arterial Stiffening and Cardiovascular Disease video
June 21 2007