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Gladis Benavides

Gladis is recognized as an expert in Civil Rights laws and Affirmative Action with over twenty-eight years of experience in these areas. As a consultant, she has a wide breadth of experience in providing advice and counsel to agencies/organizations across the country, as well as federal, state and local Agencies/Departments.

Gladis has served as the Director and Affirmative Action/Civil Rights Compliance and Human Resources, Employee Development/Training in major Wisconsin State agencies. She also worked as investigator for the Equal Opportunities Commission in the City of Madison, WI. She served in the Police and Fire Commission in Madison, WI. And has provides training to Police and Fire Departments in several cities throughout the United States. She is actively involved in issues and concerns related to human resources, workforce development, employment relations, client services and community/public relations.

She develops and provides training and technical assistance to respond to local labor, client population and the general community characteristics. Those characteristics reflect the growing cultural diversity among the United States population.

In addition, Gladis has extensive experience designing and utilizing internal mechanisms, systems and procedures to efficiently and effectively address conflicts, resolve issues of inter/intra-cultural communications to ensure fairness and equity.