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Denise Ney PhD

Billings-Bascom Professor of Nutritional Sciences
University of Wisconsin College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Dr. Ney earned both a MS and PhD at the University of California-Davis and is a registered dietitian. Her research areas include gastrointestinal physiology to develop improved treatments for individuals with short bowel syndrome who are dependent on parenteral nutrition, and research in the nutritional management of phenylketonuria (PKU). Ney's research group established the acceptability and safety of foods made with the whey protein, glycomacropeptide (GMP) in the nutritional management PKU. She is a co-inventor on a patent for GMP Medical Foods that is licensed to Cambrooke Foods with commercial availability since 2010.
Ney has served in a number of administrative roles on the Madison campus including: Chair, Department of Nutritional Sciences, Director of the Didactic Program in Dietetics, and Director of the campus-wide NIH Training Program in Molecular and Applied Nutrition. She is an investigator in the UW-Madison Waisman Center Biochemical Genetics Program.