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Leonelo E. Bautista DVM, PhD, DrPH

Leonelo Bautista's research interests includes the distribution of cardiovascular diseases and risk factors in developing countries, the etiology of coronary heart disease, and the role of chronic mild inflammation and endothelial function on blood pressure. His current research focuses on the effect of C-reactive protein, TNF-alpha, and IL-6 on the development and clinical course of essential hypertension.

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Picture from Zika: Innocent Until Proven Guilty video
January 23 2017

Picture from Antioxidants and Blood Pressure: The Role of Serum Bilirubin video
September 15 2014

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Picture from Cardiovascular Disease Prevention with Combination Pharmacotherapy in Latin America video
November 16 2009

Picture from Chronic Illness - Prevention & Intervention:  2007 Global Health Symposium video
February 7 2007