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1. Interviewing

Patient, Doctor and Society Course

2. Examining

Patient, Doctor and Society Course

3. Tobacco Intervention Basic Skills (TIBS)

Patient, Doctor and Society Course

Critical Care Transport

UW Health Emergency Education Center

Educational Development

Department of Medicine

Graduate Medical Education

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics


Department of Medicine

Translational and Outcomes Research

UW Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR)

About Learning Themes

A Learning Themes is a collection of videos identified as having a common educational theme. Individual videos within the theme (example - Head and Neck Exam) or an entire theme (example - Physical Examination Skills, which is collection of 13 videos) can be used for your educational purposes.

Add to Learning Themes

Any of our Video Library partners can help us create Learning Themes. If there are videos in the Video Library that you feel would fit nicely into a Learning Theme please contact us to discuss further.