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Stroke Conference - UW Health

Stroke is the third highest cause of mortality and the most common cause of disability in Wisconsin and the rest of the United States. New developments in the recommended clinical management of stroke patients are occurring at a rapid pace.

It is increasingly difficult for busy health care professionals to keep current in this field, and an annual update of the latest information from experts in the field can help clinicians deal with difficult management decisions encountered in the care of patients with cerebrovascular disease.

This conference is intended for physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners who work with patients in acute stroke and stroke prevention settings. This includes (but is not limited to) Emergency Medicine physicians, Neurologists, Internists and Family Practice physicians.

It is particularly directed toward those who work in emergency departments, critical care units or other urgent care environments, as well as those who work with outpatients at an elevated risk for stroke. Residents, other trainees, and nurses are also welcome to attend.