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Picture from Post-dural puncture headache: A review and update video
July 3 2019

Picture from Puff, Puff, Gas: Perioperative concerns in cannabis users video
June 12 2019

Picture from The Transition from Acute to Chronic Pain after Surgery video
June 5 2019

Picture from Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia: Even a Caveman can do it? video
May 15 2019

Picture from Anesthetic Technique and Cancer Recurrence: An Unsolved Mystery video
May 8 2019

Picture from Regional Anesthesia of the Chest Wall -- An overview of techniques and evidence for novel thoracic wall fascial plane blocks video
May 1 2019

Picture from Introduction to the Glymphatic System: Physical Phenomena Involved in Brain Waste Clearance video
April 24 2019

Coming Soon
April 3 2019

Picture from ERAS For Cardiac Surgery video
March 20 2019

Picture from Harms of Hyperoxia in the Mechanically Ventilated Patient video
March 13 2019

Picture from Regional Analgesia for Limb Trauma and its Role in Acute compartment Syndrome video
March 6 2019

Picture from Breaking the Bias Habit video
February 20 2019

Picture from Ketamine as Adjunct Perioperative Analgesia video
February 6 2019

Picture from Analgesia & Living Liver Donor Patients video
January 9 2019

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