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Health Innovation Program (HIP) Seminar Series

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Picture from Improving Diabetes Care: A Roadmap to Better Chronic Care video
Picture from Hospitals, Cost-Shifting, & Medicaid Provider Payments video
Coming Soon
Picture from The Rise of Patient Experiences: Evidence, Distraction, or Final Arbiter video
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Picture from The Worst Hospital in the Healthiest Community? Provider- vs. Population-Based Quality of Care Measures video
Picture from Opportunities for High-Performance Work Practices to Improve Quality of Care:  Case Studies of Best Practices in Nine U.S. Hospitals video
Picture from Health Care Reform: A Conversation with Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin video
Picture from Health Insurance Reform: A Big Step or a Small Step? And, in What Direction? video
Picture from Accountable Care Organizations: Implications for Mental, Physical, and Community Health video
Picture from Effects of Exercise Training on Health Status in Patients With Chronic Heart Failure video
Picture from Accountable Care Organizations - A Path Forward to Quality and Savings video
Picture from Healthcare Reform in America: Lessons Learned from the Oregon Health Plan video
Picture from Perspective on the Quality Chasm for Children video
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