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Department of Pediatrics Grand Rounds

The Department of Pediatric Grand Rounds are held on Thursdays from 7:30 - 8:30am CST Via Zoom. Zoom link:

Select talks are captured and placed in the Video Library.

For a complete Pediatric Grand Rounds schedule please visit the Pediatric Grand Rounds website.

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Picture from Type 2 Diabetes in Pediatrics - Not a Sweet Outlook video
Picture from Weaponizing the tumor microenvironment: Climate change for the better video
Picture from Bridging with a Bridle: Creation and Implementation of an Alternative Assisted Feeding Method for NICU Graduates video
Picture from COVID19 Vaccines Science vs Antiscience video
Picture from Itching for answers: Updates in Atopic Dermatitis video
Picture from Time to Unlearn and Flip the Script video
Picture from Phenobarbital versus Levetiracetam:  Seizing the right drug for a bad fit. video
Picture from Validation in Medicine: Why It Matters video
Picture from Advances in immunotherapies for canine and pediatric osteosarcoma video
Picture from Cholestasis, Coagulopathy and a Conundrum: A Clinical Pathology Conference video
Picture from Life (And Limb) on the Farm video
Picture from Steroids for Sepsis...Panacea or Poison? video
Picture from Clinical Pathology Conference video
Picture from Healing with our Hands: An Osteopathic Approach to Pediatrics video
Picture from Physician Attitudes Toward Abortion, Abortion Providers, and Reproductive Justice at UW Health: Current State and Future Action video
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