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Department of Pediatrics Grand Rounds

The Department of Pediatric Grand Rounds are held on Thursdays from 7:30 - 8:30am CST Via Zoom. Zoom link:

Select talks are captured and placed in the Video Library.

For a complete Pediatric Grand Rounds schedule please visit the Pediatric Grand Rounds website.

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Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Picture from Eliminating Race-Based Medicine: Policy Implementation and Practice Implications video
Picture from Understanding the developing brain in pediatric chronic kidney disease: the intersection of nephrology and neuroscience video
Picture from An Evidence-Based Approach to Neonatal Hydronephrosis video
Picture from Why n=1 matters for equity in medical education video
Picture from Department of Pediatrics: Fall Research Potpourri video
Picture from Update on Federal Advocacy Issues: What Pediatricians Need to Know video
Picture from Progress towards newborn health video
Picture from Addressing Pediatric Beta Lactam Allergy video
Picture from Health Transition of Care: 5 Ws (and 1 H) video
Picture from Courage: A Catalyst for Change video
Picture from Working in the 'Gray Zone' of Trauma, Autism, & Neurodevelopmental Disorders video
Picture from The dictionary, literacy, and learning to read – what every pediatrician should know video
Picture from Early life microbiota development and childhood asthma - microbiomes to mechanisms. video
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