Oncology https://videos.med.wisc.edu Oncology videos at the Health Sciences Learning Center (c) 2019, UW Board of Regents. All rights reserved. Medical Response to Radiation Exposure: The Role of Hematologists https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/48812 Presented by Walt Longo, MD 2013-09-25 Undergraduate and Graduate Medical Education in Hematology/Oncology https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/48811 Presented by Sam Lubner, MD 2013-09-18 Allogeneic Cell Therapy for Leukemia and Solid Tumors https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/47730 Presented by Rupert Handgretinger, MD 2013-06-26 The Evolution of ECOG: From the Eastern Solid Tumor Group to the ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/47729 Presented by Robert Comis, MD 2013-06-19 Exploiting Autophagy to Improve Immunotherapy of Cancer https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/47655 Presented by Bernard Fox, PhD 2013-06-12 Integrating Palliative Care and Oncology: Our Inpatient Experience https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/47389 Presented by Gabrielle Rocque, MD 2013-05-15 Treating Cancer with Oncolytic Herpes Simplex Virus https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/47388 Presented by Samuel Rabkin, PhD 2013-05-08 Evaluating Established Clinical Criteria for their Ability to Identify Women with Lynch Syndrome https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/47387 Presented by Amanda Bruegl, MD 2013-05-01 Nearing the End of Life: Integrating Oncology and Palliative Care https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/46418 Presented by Toby Campbell, MD 2013-04-03 Rural Oncology Literacy Enhancement Study https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/46036 Presented by Ana Martinez-Donate, PhD 2013-03-20 Molecular Imaging with Peptides, Proteins, and Nanoparticles https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/45669 Presented by Weibo Cai, PhD 2013-02-27 State of the UW Carbone Cancer Center 2013 https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/45667 Presented by George Wilding, MD 2013-02-20 Older Adults and Cancer Survivors: Do Modest Levels of Physical Activity Help? https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/44706 Presented by Lisa Colbert, MPH, PhD 2013-01-28 UWCCC Cancer Control and Chemoprevention Programs https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/44704 Presented by Amy Trentham-Dietz, PhD; Howard Bailey, MD 2013-01-16 ASH Update https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/44482 Presented by Aric Hall, MD 2012-12-19