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Picture from Acceptance Journeys: A Social Marketing Campaign to Reduce HIV/AIDS Among MSM of Color in Milwaukee, WI video
November 1 2012

Picture from Bayesian Spatial and Temporal Distribution of the Risk of Campylobacteriosis Associated with Travel in New Zealand video
March 14 2012

Picture from Adding Bayesian Disease Mapping and Co-Factor Analysis to PAZ Project in the Lake Victoria Crest, Kenya video
March 14 2012

Picture from Effectiveness of Mobile Antiretroviral Pharmacy and HIV Care in Rural Southwestern Uganda video
March 14 2012

Picture from Prevalence of Influenza Virus in Domestic and Wild Birds from Live Bird Markets and Urban Parks and Wetlands in Bogota, Colombia video
March 14 2012

Coming Soon

Picture from HIV Testing, Treatment and Prevention in US Prisons video
February 20 2012

Picture from Infection Control Update video
October 5 2011

Picture from Adventures with Avian Influenza: A Wildlife Disease Gone Global video
September 12 2011

Picture from Trypanosomiasis: Mechanisms of Flagellar Membrane Targeting and Disease Pathogenesis video

Picture from Environmental Determinants of Health video
February 3 2010

Picture from Influenza A (H1N1) Is the pandemic all we thought it would be? video
October 27 2009

Picture from Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) in Wisconsin 2009: Recent Experiences and Current Planning video
September 10 2009

Picture from Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Demonstration video
April 29 2009

Picture from H1N1 Influenza:  What You Need to Know video
April 29 2009

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