Anesthesiology Anesthesiology videos at the Health Sciences Learning Center (c) 2019, UW Board of Regents. All rights reserved. Can we treat the Presented by Allan Basbaum, PhD 2013-09-18 Massive Transfusion Updates Presented by Nick Rose, MD 2013-09-11 What Does it Cost and Why Does it Matter Presented by Karin Zuegge, MD 2013-07-17 Perioperative Anesthesthetic Considerations in Cancer Surgery Presented by Jacob Eiler, MD 2013-07-03 Scientific Tangents Presented by Roderic Eckenhoff, MD 2013-06-19 Ethical Issues in Anesthesiology and Critical Care: Emphasis on Practical Approaches to Solutions for Common Dilemmas Presented by Carl Hug, MD, PhD 2013-04-24 The Brain-Dead Organ Donor: Care of the Gift Presented by Marsha Ritter Jones, MD, PhD 2013-04-03 Department of Anesthesiology Grand Rounds Presented by Nizar N. Jarjour, MD 2013-03-13 Department of Anesthesiology Grand Rounds Presented by Christopher Cassara, MD 2013-03-06 Cardiac Arrest: A Review of Post-arrest Interventions Presented by Christopher Cassara, MD 2013-03-06 Focusing on the Donor in Live Liver Transplant Presented by Laura Hammel, MD 2013-02-20 A Discussion of Atelectasis Presented by Jagan Ramamoorthy, MD 2013-01-09 Modes of Mechanical Ventilation Presented by Jonathan Ketzler, MD 2012-12-19 Arterial Catheterization for Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring Presented by Justin Tawil 2012-12-12 Feedback and Assessment of Anesthesiology Education Presented by Denham Ward, MD 2012-12-05