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Picture from What Every Investigator Should Know about Biomedical Informatics for Clinical and Translational Research (Session 2) - Spotlight on Data Analysis Tools & Interpretation video
March 1 2013

Picture from What Every Person with CF Needs to Know about Social Security Benefits, Medicaid, Medicare and Health Insurance video
November 10 2012

Picture from What Every Quantitative Investigator Needs to Know About Working with a Qualitative Researcher video
June 18 2013

Picture from What Goes Up, Must Come Down: An Orbital Mass to Be Thankful for; When You Can’t Remember That You Can’t See video
November 20 2015

Picture from What Government and Health-Care System Factors Influence a Country's Opioid Availability for Cancer Pain Relief and Palliative Care? video
April 3 2013

Picture from What Happens when Physicians Speak with Patients about Alcohol Use? video
February 8 2006

Picture from What Hippocrates Knew and We Have Forgotten video
April 11 2012

Picture from What is a D&I Research Grant and How is it Different from an Evaluation video
April 16 2015

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