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Are We Making a Difference? Evaluating Community-Based Programs

Picture from Are We Making a Difference? Evaluating Community-Based Programs

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Christine Maidl Pribbenow (bio)

August 11 2009

1 hour and 40 minutes


Dr. Pribbenow, Associate Scientist at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, UW-Madison, gives an overview of evaluating community-based research projects and reviews the steps needed to design and carry out effective evaluations. Her presentation covers topics including partnerships, evaluation questions, logic models, quantitative and qualitative methods, outcomes, reliability/validity, using human subjects, and more. A 20-page handout offers several pen-and-paper learning exercises and provides valuable information and links to key evaluation resources.

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1. What is evaluation?

2. Define the following: activities, formative evaluation, impacts, instrument, logic model, mixed-method evaluation, outcomes, and summative evaluation.

3. Delineate effective strategies for ensuring effective Partnership Principles of practice.

4. Outline and discuss the logic behind a logic model.

5. Provide examples for the following outcomes: knowledge, attitude, value, behavior, skill, and condition.

6. What guides how one frames an evaluation question?

7. What are the 5 levels of evaluation?

8. Outline the elements that make up an evaluation plan.

9. Describe mixed-method design.

10. Outline possible techniques for collecting data.

11. Discuss ways to ensure validity and reliability in an evaluation.

12. Identify tips for reporting your results.

13. Discuss why informed consent is important.


Biomedical Research


Education, ICTR, Research
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Education , ICTR , Research


00:03:03 Overview
00:04:30 Research in social science vs. STEM
00:08:33 Social science research vs. evaluation
00:11:32 Definitions of terms
00:14:47 Partnership Principles
00:20:00 "Logic Model" for program & evaluation design
00:42:25 Outcomes
00:43:30 Activity 1: Logic model
00:45:00 Framing evaluation questions
00:46:49 Five levels of evaluation
00:50:20 Activity 2: Levels of evaluation
00:55:15 Evaluation plans – components
00:55:52 Mixed-methods research
01:01:15 Focus Groups
01:10:05 Surveys
01:13:33 Coding open-ended responses
01:15:20 Activity 3: Coding open-ended responses
01:21:00 Pre-tests and post-tests
01:24:07 Rubrics
01:27:50 Ensuring validity and reliability
01:30:25 Reporting results
01:34:04 Human subjects research