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Writing to Convince: The 1-page Abstract and More

Picture from Writing to Convince: The 1-page Abstract and More

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Nancy J. Kaufman, RN, MS (bio)

March 26 2009

36 minutes


Nancy Kaufman speaks about how to effectively and convincingly write an abstract for a community audience as part of the requirement of the ICTR Type 2 Translational Research Grant Programs. While her guidance addresses the requirements of this grant program, her advice--based on a career that includes working as Vice President of the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation and Vice President of Philanthropy for the Aurora Health Care System--provides valuable insight for anyone writing an abstract or submitting a grant application.

Guide Questions for this Presentation:

1. What are the 7 requirements that need to be included in the abstract proposal?

2. Describe the difference between 'goals' and 'objectives'.

3. Identify the guiding questions associated with the following abstract proposal requirements:

  • Magnitude and Importance
  • Research Gap
  • Project Design
  • Community Involvement
  • Potential Impact
  • Next Steps and Funding Plan
  • Compelling Case
  • Establishing Credibility

4. Why is style and "hooking" the evaluator important when writing your abstract?


Grant Writing, ICTR Grant Program


Biomedical Research, Professional Development


Grants, ICTR, Writing
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Grants , ICTR , Writing