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Go Red For Women: Chair Yoga, Stretching for Wellness

Picture from Go Red For Women: Chair Yoga, Stretching for Wellness

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Susan Trier

February 21 2013

32 minutes



Go Red For Women Learning Series


Women's Health
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00:00:01 Posture and Goal of the Session
00:01:28 Chest/Upper Back Stretch over Chair Back
00:02:05 Release Eye Strain
00:04:05 Chest/Upper Back Stretch in T or V
00:04:47 Finding Tall Seated Posture: Butt Walking
00:05:14 Occipital Press, Lift and Rub
00:06:26 Neck Stretches and Spinal Rolldown
00:10:10 Side Bend
00:12:49 New York City Ballet Side Bend
00:14:25 Seated Twist
00:15:39 Seated Pigeon or Seated 4
00:18:05 Thread the Needle
00:20:07 Deep Squat Ups or Powerful Position
00:21:40 Ankle Rolls, Side Foot Stretch
00:22:19 Standing Camel to Downdog
00:24:06 Standing Lunge Hip Flexor Stretch
00:26:13 Breath with Cavern Imagery

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