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Fundamentals of Effective Grant Writing*

Picture from Fundamentals of Effective Grant Writing*

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Barbara Bowers, RN, PhD (bio)

September 22 2008

1 hour and 15 minutes


Barbara Bowers, Professor of Nursing at UW-Madison, guides viewers through the important steps of the grant writing process and offers advice for creating successful proposals. Specifically, she describes strategies for understanding what funders look for in grant proposals as well as ways to develop and refine a project idea.

This video is part of a group of continuing Education courses on Community-Academic Research Partnerships. For details, visit Continuing Education in Nursing or directly to the Course Study Guide.

Guide Questions for this Presentation:

1. Describe strategies for discovering and understanding what funders look for in grant proposals.

2. Identify steps that can aid in the development and refinement of your proposal idea.

3. Indicate key elements to be considered when developing a timeline.

4. Outline ways one can highlight strengths and uniqueness in a grant proposal.

5. Describe why collaborations are important in grant writing and how effective collaborations can be established.

6. What are optimal ways to obtain feedback from those who are assisting you in the grant writing process?

7. Outline key components to consider when writing the following sections of a proposal:

a. Introduction

b. Statement of the Problem

c. Goals, Objectives, Outcomes

d. Methods

e. Budget

f. Abstract

g. Appendices


Biomedical Research, Professional Development


Grants, ICTR
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Grants , ICTR


00:00:25 Matching your idea with funder
00:06:16 Understanding what funders want
00:07:32 Looking at funding history
00:10:11 Funder's purpose and mission
00:14:08 Proposal review criteria and scoring
00:17:26 Planning ahead for evaluation
00:19:10 Creating a Timeline
00:20:30 Anticipating and addressing challenges
00:23:30 Focus on strengths and uniqueness
00:25:22 Effective Collaborations
00:29:52 Improving drafts and peer review
00:35:17 Writing the proposal -- step by step overview
00:36:27 Introduction
00:44:47 Statement of the problem
00:49:29 Goals, objectives, outcomes
00:52:30 Methods
00:58:17 Budget
01:05:15 Abstract
01:07:43 Appendices
01:09:03 Letters of support
01:10:37 Summary -- writing tips, key points

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