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Limb Development and Evolution Symposium Morning Session Part 2

Picture from Limb Development and Evolution Symposium Morning Session Part 2

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Matt Harris
JoAnn Cameron
Randall Dahn
Taka Suzuki
Xin Sun
Deneen Wellik

April 15 2010

1 hour and 38 minutes


Matt Harris, Max Planck Institute, Tuebingen, "Capacity and constraint in the generation of morphological complexity and novelty"

JoAnn Cameron, University of Illinois, "Limb Regeneration Research: New Approaches"
Randall Dahn, MDI Biological Laboratory, "Comparative approach to vertebrate limb regeneration"

Taka Suzuki, Tohoku University, "The role of GDF11 during hindlimb field determination"

Xin Sun, UW-Madison, "Dissecting the genetic circuitry that controls the anterior-posterior patterning of the limb"

Deneen Wellik, University of Michigan, "Unexpected Roles for Hox Genes in Limb Patterning"


John Fallon Limb Development and Evolution Symposium




Developmental Biology, Evolution, Extremities, Limb Regeneration, Limbs
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