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Physician-Patient Relations

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Picture from Practitioner vs. Pill: How You, the Family Doc, Trumps What is Prescribed video
July 20 2010

Picture from The Teacher Healer: Facilitating Health in Complex Systems...Like Humans! video
April 21 2010

Picture from Introduction to the Empathic Doctor video
April 10 2010

Picture from Empathy and Sympathy: A Historical Perspective video
April 10 2010

Picture from Empathy and AIDS: Personal, Literary, Cultural Contexts video
April 10 2010

Picture from Empathy and Pain: Pain's Resistance to Description video
April 10 2010

Picture from Motivational Interviewing: An Evidence-Based Approach to Promoting Healthier Behaviors for All Medical Specialties video
March 12 2010

Picture from A Life's Story: Film Informing Cancer Care video
February 24 2010

Picture from Out of Scrubs and Not in Control, What Being a Patient Can Teach About Physician Communication video
February 11 2010

Picture from Medical Student Research Forum - 8th Annual video
January 19 2010

Picture from Fourteen Aphorisms: Practicing the Values of Family Medicine video
October 22 2009

Picture from Informed Consent video
July 29 2009

Picture from Seen but Unnoticed Details: The Role of Small Talk in Primary Care and Orthopedic Medicine video
October 19 2008

Picture from Working Effectively with Patient and Family Expectations video
October 7 2008

Picture from Caregiver Training Program Supports and Resources video
October 4 2008

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