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Mental Health

Picture from Mental Health in the Classroom: Priming the Pump for Learning video
April 21 2010

Picture from Mini-Mental: Administration of the Mini-Mental State Exam to Geriatric Patients video
January 20 2010

Picture from Depression in Adolescents: Identification to Remission video
September 25 2009

Picture from UW SMPH-Spelman College Research Presentations video
July 23 2009

Picture from Mental Health Parity: Necessary but Not Sufficient video
September 26 2008

Picture from Cannabis and Cannabinoids in the 21st Century: Medical Marijuana video
November 13 2007

Picture from Examining Disparities in the State and Federal Health Care Systems video
September 21 2007

Picture from You! Your First Patient video
July 6 2007

Picture from African American Women's Mental Health video
June 28 2007

Picture from Promoting Well-Being in Latino Children Affected by Parental Depression video
June 28 2007