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Health Care Reform

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Picture from Quality and Professional Development: A Second Revolution in Healthcare video
March 25 2010

Picture from Accountable Care Organizations: Implications for Mental, Physical, and Community Health video
February 25 2010

Picture from Quality and Safety Agenda of Health Care Reform video

Picture from Health Care Reform 2010: How the Federal Government is Reshaping Medical Practice video
January 13 2010

Picture from The Great Health Care Debate of 2009 video
November 25 2009

Picture from The Imperative to Redesign Care video
October 22 2009

Picture from Health Care Reform: A Nonpartisan Look at the Issues Under Debate video
October 8 2009

Picture from A Trillion Reasons to Care: Understanding the Impact of U.S. Health Care Reform on Cost, Coverage, and Choice video
September 21 2009

Picture from Great Expectations: Health Reform and the Obama Administration video
May 4 2009

Picture from Primary Care: The Imperative for Health Care Reform and Reducing Health Disparities video
April 6 2009

Picture from Healthcare Reform video
March 27 2009

Picture from Accountable Care Organizations - A Path Forward to Quality and Savings video
February 19 2009

Picture from Medical Student Presentations 2009 - Session II video
January 20 2009

Picture from Physician Attitudes and Positions on Elements of Health Reform: A Survey of Wisconsin Physicians video
December 8 2008

Picture from The Convergence of Science and Government in Healthcare Policy video
October 6 2008

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