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Picture from Contributions of NGOs to Global Health video
February 3 2010

Picture from Health Care Crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa: What is the Right Kind of Help? video
May 27 2009

Picture from Making the Village That Raises the Child video
December 3 2008

Picture from Anesthesia Aid for the Developing World video
October 15 2008

Picture from Will I Stay Long? video
June 26 2008

Picture from An Introduction to Health and Development in Africa video
April 7 2008

Picture from Health Development Policy and Human Rights in Africa video
April 7 2008

Picture from Twenty-Five Years of HIV/AIDS in Africa video
October 22 2007

Picture from Rethinking the Healthcare Model in Africa video
May 9 2007

Picture from Health Disparities: Cultural Considerations for African American Women video
May 2 2007