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Childhood Obesity

Picture from Childhood Weight and Cardiovascular Risk Factors a Quarter-century Later: Marshfield Heartwatch Study video
June 2 2010

Picture from The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity: What Happened, What's Going to Happen, What Should We Do About It? video
June 2 2010

Picture from Impact of Family Income and Public Policy on Childhood Obesity video
June 2 2010

Picture from Fetal Origins of Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes video
May 27 2010

Picture from Adolescent Bariatric Surgery: Necessary or Contraindicated? video
May 5 2010

Picture from Parenting Overweight Teens: Preliminary Study Findings and Potential Directions video
April 22 2010

Picture from Community-based Approaches to Childhood Obesity & Diabetes video
May 8 2009

Picture from Childhood Nutrition: Does How Our Kids Eat Affect How They Learn? video
April 22 2009

Picture from Does Severe Childhood Obesity Constitute Medical Neglect? video
April 16 2009

Picture from Using Social Marketing to Reduce Childhood Obesity video
February 5 2009

Picture from Pediatric Fitness: Exercise Lab to the Schoolyard video
December 11 2008

Picture from Healthy Communities: A Collaboration between Educators and Medical Providers video
April 9 2008

Picture from Childhood Obesity: A Growing Epidemic video
April 9 2008

Picture from What to Eat: Personal or Social Responsibility? video
March 5 2007