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Paul Sondel MD

Picture from Cancer Immunotherapy: How it is Changing the Way We Think About Cancer video
January 19 2017

Picture from Engaging Innate and Adaptive Immunity Using Tumor-reactive mAbs:Prospects for Translation video
May 25 2016

Picture from 14th Annual SMPH Medical Student Research Forum video
November 23 2015

Picture from 45 Years of Cancer Immunotherapy Research: A Journey of Persistence, Luck, Mentors, Colleagues and Students video
April 10 2014

Picture from Working Together: Building and Sustaining Research Collaborations video

Picture from Cancer Immunotherapy: Translating Between Lab and Clinic video
February 24 2011

Picture from Clinical Benefit from ADCC (Antibody-Dependent Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity): Lessons from Neuroblastoma video
January 12 2011