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The Department of Pediatric Grand Rounds are held on Thursdays from 7:30 - 8:30am in room 1345 at the Health Sciences Learning Center.

Select talks are captured and placed in the Video Library.

For a complete Pediatric Grand Rounds schedule please visit the Pediatric Grand Rounds website.

Visit to watch the Department of Pediatric Grand Rounds live. To request credit for viewing the LIVE lecture, follow the instructions under the heading: How to Request CME Credit.

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Picture from TBD - Pediatrics Grand Rounds video

Picture from WASp caught in R loops: A nuclear view of immunodeficiency and genomic instability in Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome video
November 17 2016

Coming Soon
November 10 2016Email me when available

Picture from Improving Universal Pediatric Cholesterol Screening: Education, Efficiency, and Evidence video
November 3 2016

Picture from Like, Immunizing Adolescents - What-ehh-ver! video
October 20 2016

Picture from Turner Syndrome: Seeing the Whole Girl, Not just the X video
October 13 2016

Picture from Pediatrics Grand Rounds video
October 6 2016

Coming Soon
September 29 2016

Picture from Pediatrics Sports Medicine video
September 15 2016

Picture from Mental Health in Pediatrics video
August 25 2016

Picture from Pediatric Burns video
August 18 2016

Picture from Next Generation Sequencing in NBS: Cystic Fibrosis and Beyond video
August 11 2016

Picture from Medical Marijuana: Risks, Benefits, and Potentials video
August 4 2016

Picture from The Eye of the Beholder: Exploring Cognitive Error Through the Lens of Simulation video
July 28 2016

Picture from Adaptive Biking: Breaking Down Barriers to Exercise and Community Participation for Children with Disabilities video
July 21 2016

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