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Picture from Zonya Foco, Take Your Health To The Next Level video
July 18 2013

Picture from Open Raised Bed Gardens...101 video
March 31 2010

Picture from In Defense of Food Week video
September 11 2009

Picture from Biking to Work video
May 19 2009

Picture from Jazzing Up the Brown Bag Lunch video
April 28 2009

Picture from Finishing Fit: Spring Training Virtual Kick-Off video
March 30 2009

Picture from Fitting Exercise into Your Workday video
February 12 2009

Picture from Mindfulness and Office Yoga video
January 6 2009

Picture from Truth about Diets video
November 13 2008

Picture from The Truth about Diets video
April 22 2008

Picture from Nutrition for a Busy Life video
December 7 2007