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Wisconsin Prevention of Obesity and Diabetes (WIPOD) and the Wisconsin Partnership for Activity and Nutrition (WI PAN) held a 2010 meeting designed to:

Provide opportunities that foster networking and linkages between community coalition members, researchers and other partners working to prevent obesity

Promote collaboration among basic, clinical and community-based researchers

Increase awareness of UW-Madison research and community projects related to the prevention of obesity

Increase awareness of cutting-edge research (discovery, application and policy)

Increase understanding of WiPOD and WI PAN
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Coming Soon

Picture from Sugar and Obesity: What's the Evidence video
April 3 2013

Picture from ANEWC Study: Assessing and Improving the Nutrition Environment In Wisconsin video
March 6 2013

Picture from Childhood Weight and Cardiovascular Risk Factors a Quarter-century Later: Marshfield Heartwatch Study video
June 2 2010

Picture from The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity: What Happened, What's Going to Happen, What Should We Do About It? video
June 2 2010

Picture from Developmental Origins of Insulin Resistance and Obesity in a Nonhuman Primate Model for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome video
June 2 2010

Picture from Impact of Family Income and Public Policy on Childhood Obesity video
June 2 2010

Picture from Panel Discussion: Preventing Obesity, It Takes a Village... video
June 2 2010

Picture from Understanding and Improving Nutrition Environments in Grocery Stores and Restaurants video
May 14 2008

Picture from Environmental Interventions to Reduce Diabetes Risk Among Native North Americans: Approach and Results of the Healthy Stores Projects video
April 17 2008

Picture from Catalyzing Communities to Reduce Pediatric Obesity: Shape Up Somerville and Beyond video
March 12 2008

Picture from How Neighborhood Design and Recreation Environment Variables Affect Physical Activity in Adolescents video
February 21 2008

Picture from The Role of the Built Environment in Obesity Prevention video
February 21 2008