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The University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics is sponsoring a Risk Management Education Series.

For more information contact Jan Haedt at
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Picture from Infection Control Update video
October 5 2011

Picture from Patient Data Privacy: Maximize Care, Minimize Risk video
September 20 2011

Picture from Physician Protect Thyself: Wisconsin Caregiver Misconduct video
February 17 2011

Picture from Diagnostic Radiology: Exposing the Risks video
September 29 2010

Picture from Infection Control Update 2010 video
April 27 2010

Picture from Intentions of Treatment: Palliative vs. Curative video
January 14 2010

Picture from Anticoagulant Therapy: Patient Safety and Evolving Regulatory Requirments video
November 3 2009

Picture from EMTALA: Screening, Dumping, and Crossing the 250 Yard Line...Reviewing the Rules and Reducing the Risk video
September 9 2009

Picture from Safe Discharges: Successfully Navigating the Transition between Health Care Settings video
April 28 2009

Picture from Can MRSA Be Controlled? video
March 17 2009

Picture from Risk Assessment: Suicide and Violence video
February 3 2009

Picture from Averting Disaster: Prevention Strategies to Mitigate Escalating Situations video
December 17 2008

Picture from Care of the Geriatric Population video
November 13 2008

Picture from Working Effectively with Patient and Family Expectations video
October 7 2008

Picture from Optimal Patient Monitoring: What Is It and How Is It Done? video
May 5 2008

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