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The University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics is sponsoring a Risk Management Education Series.

For more information contact Jan Haedt at
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Picture from Accelerating the Pace of Prevention for C. diff Infection video
October 24 2018

Picture from Our 21st Century Duty: Improving Health, Quality and Cost of Care video
October 11 2016

Picture from Infectious Disease Update video
October 3 2016

Picture from Adoption and Adaption: The Impact of the EHR on Clinical Systems and Patient Safety video
May 28 2015

Picture from Informed Consent: Finding the Balance video
April 23 2015

Picture from Healthcare without Compromise: Caring for LGBT Patients and Families video
March 19 2015

Picture from Care of the Bariatric Patient video
March 4 2015

Picture from Utilization Review, Hospitalization Status and Medicare: 2015 Update video
January 22 2015

Picture from Healthcare Communication: A Construct for Analyzing Efficacy, Efficiency and Compliance video
January 14 2015

Picture from Ebola Preparedness at UWHC video
September 10 2014

Picture from Prevention of Clostridium difficile: Mission Impossible? video
September 19 2013

Picture from Hospitalized, but Not Admitted: Admission Status and Medical Necessity video
January 16 2013

Picture from Managing Pain of Patients with Addictive Disease video
November 30 2012

Picture from Optimizing Diabetes Management in the Hospital Setting video
November 1 2012

Picture from Understanding How 10% of Your Patients Have Undetected Post-Operative Risks of Morbidity / Mortality? video
November 17 2011

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