Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Brown Bags Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Brown Bags videos at the Health Sciences Learning Center (c) 2015, UW Board of Regents. All rights reserved. CASI Brown Bag: Budget & Legislative Impacts on Academic Staff Job Security, Rights, Responsibilities Presented by Heather Daniels; Donna Silver 2011-04-06 Academic Staff Showcase Presented by Robert N. Golden, MD 2010-10-25 Work Family Enrichment We all know about the difficulties inherent in juggling work, family, and time for self. Nicole Schmidt, Research Program Manager for the Wisconsin Twin Project at the Waisman Center tells us about the theoretical and empirical research on work and family, with an emphasis on the growing concept of enrichment: the extent to which experiences in one role improves the quality of life in the other role(s). Presented by Nicole Schmidt, MS 2010-05-27 Games & Simulation for Healthcare The web-based library and database Games & Simulation for Healthcare is introduced as a resource for educators, researchers, and clinicians who have an interest in various aspects of simulation and game-based education. This website aims to provide a portal and network to meet the needs of clinicians, researchers, educators, and patients in the healthcare community who want to integrate games and simulation into their scholarship and patient care strategy. This resource also welcomes healthcare consumers, advocates, and others interested in patient and clinician education, and clinical research taking advantage of games and simulation-based learning. Presented by Eric Bauman, PhD; Allan Barclay, MLIS, AHIP 2010-03-17 Promotions and Base Adjustments for Academic Staff Presented by Emuye Asfaw 2010-02-24 Demystifing Collective Bargaining: Facts and Unit Clarifications Presented by Steve Lund; Heather Daniels; David Ahrens 2009-11-04 Influenza A (H1N1) Is the pandemic all we thought it would be? Presented by Peter Shult, PhD 2009-10-27 Writing a Successful Professional Development Grant These grants are intended for professional development and/or training to improve the effectiveness of academic staff members in their current roles. The funds are not intended for training on basic job requirements, or for course development. To be eligible for this award,staff must not have been awarded this funding in the previous two rounds of competition (Fall, 2008 or Spring, 2009). Submission deadlines: To Department Chair or unit head - October 16, 2009 To School/College Dean or equivalent - October 23, 2009 To Secretary of the Academic Staff - October 30, 2009 Departments are expected to match the Professional Development Grant funds awarded by the committee. If budget constraints prevent departments from contributing their share of the funding, please let affected staff know before they begin working on a grant application. Presented by Sarah Schutt 2009-10-01 Academic Staff Highlight Series Jacqueline Hind discusses Age-Related Dysphagia and Breast Cancer Treatment. Catherine A. Reiser presents on the Development of a Training Program for Clinical Supervisors of Genetic Counseling Students. Presented by Catherine A. Reiser; Jacqueline Hind 2009-04-22 Understanding your Academic Staff Appointment Presented by Elizabeth Bolt 2009-03-04 Understanding the Budget - Academic Staff Presented by Robert N. Golden, MD 2009-02-20 How to Write a Successful Professional Development Grant - 2008 Sarah Schutt explains the types of activities eligible for professional development grants and explains the process for applying. Schutt also shares what makes a good grant proposal and common mistakes made on applications. Presented by Sarah Schutt 2008-09-25 Effort Certification Sandi Robins talks about "Things you really need to know about Effort Certification." This talk will be of particular interest if you are an academic staff member supported by grants. Presented by Sandi Robins 2007-10-22 Past, Present and Future of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus Alan Fish, associate vice chancellor for Facilities Planning and Management at the University of Wisconsin–Madison speaks on the Campus Master Plan at the Health Sciences Learning Center on May 23, 2007. Presented by Alan Fish 2007-05-23 Promotions and Base Adjustments For Academic Staff Emuye Asfaw gave an informational presentation on the process and requirements needed to earn promotions and base adjustments for academic staff of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Presented by Emuye Asfaw 2007-03-28