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Picture from Massive Transfusion Updates video
September 11 2013

Picture from Friedl Town Hall Meeting video
February 22 2011Email me when available

Picture from The Pathology of Primary Canine Glaucoma with Emphasis on Early Changes video
September 10 2010

Picture from The Unexpected Role and Regulation of the MGST1 Gene video
April 26 2010

Picture from Trypanosomiasis: Mechanisms of Flagellar Membrane Targeting and Disease Pathogenesis video

Picture from Pinning Down Intracellular Signaling: The Role of Peptidyl-Prolyl Isomerases video

Picture from The Poisoner's Handbook: Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York video
April 8 2010

Picture from Therapeutic Targets in Dementia video

Picture from Pathology Chair Candidate Barbara Ducataman video

Picture from Vital Signs: Can Longitudinal Case-Based Evaluation of Residents Predict Acquisition of Competency? video

Picture from Discovery of the Year Celebration: Honoring James Thomson video
February 25 2008

Picture from Development of Non-Viral Methods of Nucleic Acid Transfer video
February 7 2008

Picture from Medical Student Oral Presentations - Session II video
November 20 2007

Picture from Medical Student Oral Presentations - Session III video
November 20 2007

Picture from Heart Disease in the Female Population: Prevalence, Presentation and Pathophysiology video
July 19 2007