Law Law videos at the Health Sciences Learning Center (c) 2019, UW Board of Regents. All rights reserved. UWHC Compliance Program Presented by Daniel J. Weissburg, JD 2011-06-30 728-761: Law Update - Jeanne Severson Presented by 2011-05-04 Update on Federal Conflict of Interest Policy Presented by Debra Whitman, PhD 2011-04-16 FDA Regulations in Human Subjects Research Presented by Lisa A. Wilson, JD 2011-02-25 Understanding Reportable Events: What Needs to be Reported to the IRB and When Presented by Jessica Johnson 2011-02-08 Thou Shalt Not Kill: Execution by Lethal Injection - Does This Differ from Euthanasia and Should Physicians Participate? <p> Dr. Wolman discusses to what degree, if any, physicians should engage in executions.</p>Presented by Richard L. Wolman, MD 2011-01-05 EMTALA: Screening, Dumping, and Crossing the 250 Yard Line...Reviewing the Rules and Reducing the Risk <p> Objectives of this presentation: 1) Discuss patient dumping, reverse dumping, and reverse dumping with a twist 2) Describe ED screening - &quot;quick looks&quot; and the crazy-quilt campus 3) Review case studies.</p>Presented by Daniel J. Weissburg, JD 2009-09-09 Legal Concerns Related to Brain Tumors Presented by Susan Brye, CICSW 2008-10-04 Racial Disparities in Criminal Justice in Wisconsin Pamela Oliver, PhD, shares the national overview of imprisonment trends, compares Wisconsin to the US across time and explains trends in Wisconsin by type of admission and offense. Oliver also looks at age patterns, impacts on families, county comparisons and implications on policies.Presented by Pamela E. Oliver, PhD 2008-09-08 Contracts and Negotiations Presented by Richard G. Roberts, MD, JD 2007-10-04