Genetics Genetics videos at the Health Sciences Learning Center (c) 2018, UW Board of Regents. All rights reserved. Collaborative Genomics Laboratory: Clinical Applications for High Throughput Sequencing Presented by Jennifer Laffin, PhD; Jennifer Laffin, PhD; William Rehrauer, PhD; William Rehrauer, PhD 2012-10-17 The Hunt for High and Low Risk Melanoma Susceptibility Genes: The GenoMEL Experience <p> Peter Kanetsky sheds new light on melanoma in this discussion of GenoMEL&#39;s study of the genetic factors behind the development of the world&#39;s most lethal skin cancer.</p>Presented by Peter Kanetsky 2011-04-11 Genetics Based Targeted Therapies and Diagnostics for Breast Cancer Presented by Ben Ho Park, MD, PhD 2011-04-06 Next Generation Sequencing Seminar Presented by Josh Hyman; Sandra Splinter BonDurant; Eric Cabot; Sandra Austin-Phillips 2011-03-24 A Power Outage Leading to Blackout Presented by Shahed Y Ghoghawala, MD 2010-12-17 Engineering Young Athletes: Genetic Testing in Youth Sports Presented by Alison Brooks, MD, MPH 2010-07-15 A Program of Research Bridging Rare Disease Communities' Health Disparities Presented by Pamela Holtzclaw-Williams 2010-06-21 Genetic Research with Southwest American Indian Communities Presented by Murray Brilliant 2010-06-18 The Impact of Advances in Molecular Genetics on Selected Aspects of Soft Tissue Pathology Presented by Andrew L. Folpe, MD 2010-05-19 Fossils, Genes, and Appendage Evolution Presented by Neil Shubin 2010-04-15 Limb Development and Evolution Symposium Morning Session Part 1 Roger Markwald, Medical University of South Carolina, "Wings of the Heart"<br> Ivan Moskowitz, University of Chicago, "Genetic Approaches to Congenital Heart Disease: A Novel Paradigm for Cardiac Septation"<br> Hans-Georg Simon, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, "Cardiac valve malformations: New insights from Pdlim7, an unexpected suspect in heart development"<br> Sean Hasso, Harvard University, "mTOR Independent Roles for TSC1/TSC2 During Zebrafish Development"<br> Bill Catherino, Uniformed Services University of the Heatlh Sciences, "What do we really know about uterine fibroids?"<br> Bruce Riley, Texas A&M University, "Induction and early patterning of the zebrafish otic placode"Presented by Roger Markwald; Ivan Moskowitz; Hans-Georg Simon; Sean Hasso; Bill Catherino; Bruce Riley; John Fallon 2010-04-15 Limb Development and Evolution Symposium Morning Session Part 2 Matt Harris, Max Planck Institute, Tuebingen, "Capacity and constraint in the generation of morphological complexity and novelty"<br> JoAnn Cameron, University of Illinois, "Limb Regeneration Research: New Approaches" Randall Dahn, MDI Biological Laboratory, "Comparative approach to vertebrate limb regeneration"<br> Taka Suzuki, Tohoku University, "The role of GDF11 during hindlimb field determination"<br> Xin Sun, UW-Madison, "Dissecting the genetic circuitry that controls the anterior-posterior patterning of the limb"<br> Deneen Wellik, University of Michigan, "Unexpected Roles for Hox Genes in Limb Patterning"Presented by Matt Harris; JoAnn Cameron; Randall Dahn; Taka Suzuki; Xin Sun; Deneen Wellik 2010-04-15 Endless Forms: Gene Co-option and the Evolution of Animal Diversity Presented by Sean Carroll 2010-04-15 Morphogenesis and Patterning of the Proximodistal Axis of Vertebrate Limb Presented by Cliff Tabin 2010-04-15 Local Cellular Interactions and Signalling in the Developing Autopod Determine Digit Identity Presented by John Fallon 2010-04-15