Reference Services (Libraries) Reference Services (Libraries) videos at the Health Sciences Learning Center (c) 2018, UW Board of Regents. All rights reserved. Reference Management Team (RMT) Update Presented by Steve Frye, MA 2011-01-11 Speed Databasing: GreenFile, World Bank Data, and AP Images Presented by Karen Dunn; Joanne Juhnke; Nancy McClements, MS 2011-01-11 Skype and Texting for Reference Presented by Julie Gores; Virginia Bryan; Jennifer Varshal 2011-01-11 Sweeps Week Statistics Presented by Jaime Stoltenberg; Amanda Werhane 2011-01-11 Cooperative Extension Resources: The Wisconsin Idea in Action Presented by Karen Dunn; Barbara Lazewski 2011-01-11 Library Technology Group (LTG) Update Presented by Mitch Lundquist, MA 2011-01-11 Collaboration & Referral: Activity and Focus Group Findings Presented by Kelli Keclik, MS; Beverly Phillips 2011-01-11 Referring Outside the Box: BadgerLink and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Division for Librarires, Technology, and Community Learning Presented by Martha Berninger 2011-01-11 Citation Managers Survey Presented by Rebecca Payne, MA; Emily Wixson 2011-01-11 The Main Event: Forward vs. MadCat Presented by Edie Dixon; Curran Riley 2011-01-11 UW Reference Librarians Campus Retreat Presented by Kelli Keclik, MS; Steve Frye, MA; Dorothea Salo; Lisa Saywell, MS; Steve Meyer; Annie Rauh; Anne Glorioso; Troy Reeves 2010-01-12 UW Reference Librarians Campus Retreat Presented by Kelli Keclik, MS; Mitch Lundquist, MA; Lisa Haller, MS; Nancy Spitzer; Amanda Werhane; Nancy McClements, MS; Michael Venner, MS; Erika Sevetson, MS; Karen Dunn 2010-01-12 UW-Madison Campus Libraries Reference Retreat - July 2009, Part 1 This session includes: <i>Reference Management Team Update</i> - Nancy McClements <i>Cultural Diversity and Reference</i> - Ethelene Whitmire <i>Referring Outside the Box: Wisconsin Tech Search</i> - Rachel Watters <i>Digitization on Demand</i> - Eric RobinsonPresented by Kelli Keclik, MS; Anne Rauh; Nancy McClements, MS; Rachel Waters; Eric Robinson; Ethelene Whitmire; Trisha Prosise, MA 2009-07-07 UW-Madison Campus Libraries Reference Retreat - July 2009, Part 2 This Session Includes: <i>Fake it 'til You Make it With Government Resources</i> - Nancy Mulhern <i>Library Technology Group Update</i> - Mitch Lundquist <i>Voyager 7 Update</i> - Nancy Spitzer <i>Research Tools</i> - Jim Jonas & Amanda Manteufel <i>What is Library H3lp?</i> - Ian Benton & Beth HarperPresented by Anne Rauh; Mitch Lundquist, MA; Nancy Spitzer; Ian Benton; Beth Harper; Nancy Mulhern; Jim Jonas; Amanda Manteufel; Steven Baumgart; Karen Dunn; Kelli Keclik, MS 2009-07-07 UW Madison Campus Libraries Reference Retreat - Part One <p> This session includes the following presentations: Reference Management Team (RMT) Update, Nancy McClements Referring Outside the Box: Wisconsin Historical Society, Rick Pifer Introduction to eBooks, Barb Hamel eBook Collections at UW-Madison: A Comparison of Database Design, Amy Kindschi OPAC Update on Google and HathiTrust in MadCat and the Google Project, Nancy Spitzer &amp; Jeanne Witte Save the Cows! Data Curation for the Rest of Us, Dorothea Salo &amp; Jaime Stoltenberg RAIG Marketing Committee Survey Distribution, Pamela O&rsquo;Donnell</p>Presented by Nancy McClements, MS; Rick Pfifer; Barb Hammel; Amy Kindschi; Nancy Spitzer; Jeanne Witte; Jaime Stoltenberg; Dorothea Salo; Pamela O'Donnell, MS 2009-01-13