Consumer Health Consumer Health videos at the Health Sciences Learning Center (c) 2018, UW Board of Regents. All rights reserved. Mindfulness in Treating Smokers Presented by James Davis, MD 2011-10-22 Alcohol Marketing and Youth: Evidence of a Problem Presented by David Jernigan, PhD 2010-12-02 The Longevity Code: Your Personal Prescription for a Longer, Sweeter Life Presented by Zorba Paster, MD; Zorba Paster, MD 2009-09-24 Health Literacy: Making Your Message More Understandable for All Presented by Paul Smith, MD 2008-08-06 Personal Health Records: Introduction and Overview Catherine Arnott Smith gives an introduction and overview to personal health records. Jill Everson shares the MyHealtheVET project and Susan Heffron talks about Google Health.Presented by Catherine Arnott Smith, PhD; Jill Everson; Susan Heffron 2008-08-06 Great Rivers Partners for Health-e People: Health Literacy Awareness in the Greater Midwest Region Presented by Kaye Crampton, MALS 2008-08-06 Consumer Health / Patient Education Centers / Patient Libraries Presented by 2008-08-06 Badgerlink: A Free Source of Health Information Presented by Lisa Reale; Loretta Harmatuck 2008-08-06 MedlinePlus Pearls Presented by Brenda Fay 2008-08-06 Discover the Free Riches of NLM Resources Presented by Max Anderson, MLIS 2008-08-06