Cardiology Cardiology videos at the Health Sciences Learning Center (c) 2019, UW Board of Regents. All rights reserved. Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy: Selected Cases from Meriter Cardio-Obstetrics Clinic Presented by Eugene Kaji, MD, PhD 2013-08-22 Lessons From the Heart Failure Trials and Lifetime of Practice Presented by Elaine Winkel, MD 2013-06-27 Chest Pain Presented by Jamie Hess, MD 2013-06-18 Contemporary Management of Adults with Congenital Heart Disease Presented by Petros Anagnostopoulos, MD 2013-04-25 Development of Novel Therapeutics for Peripheral Arterial Disease Presented by Brian Annex, MD 2013-04-11 Cardiac Catheterization in the Adult with Congenital Heart Disease in the Modern Era: New Indications, New Procedures and Safety Issues Presented by Luke Lamers, MD 2013-01-24 Advances in ICD Therapy: The Totally Subcutaneous ICD Presented by Douglas Kopp, MD 2013-01-17 Point of Care Echocardiography Presented by Jennifer Penzotti, MD 2012-11-15 Cardiac Anesthesia Presented by Doris Ockert, MD 2012-10-18 Is Less Always More? Lead Extraction vs Abandonment Presented by Miguel Leal, MD 2012-08-16 Transradial Artery Cardiac Catheterization: Fad or Future? Presented by Peter J. Mason, MD 2012-05-31 What is Diastolic Dysfunction? Presented by William C Little, MD 2012-05-24 Pulmonary Hemodynamics and Right Ventricular Function: Using Ventricular-Vascular Coupling to Assess Cardiopulmonary Status Presented by Naomi Chesler, PhD 2012-04-26 Recharge, Reenergize: At Our Best So Our Students Can Be At Their Best! <p> Murray Banks has created an inspirational opening to the 2012 Healthy Classrooms Symposium to help you stay inspired professionally, healthy personally and a dynamic role models for your students. With recent reports about childhood obesity, heart disease, diabetes, stress and other lifestyle ailments communities are looking to their schools for help. But classroom time is tight and motivating students to want to be active, healthy and positive is a challenge. Murray will mix fun and inspiration with skills to help you create a joy for physical activity, a value on well-being and a positive attitude among your students. We invite you to take this time to catch your breath, set your focus and rekindle the wellness spirit that makes your classroom healthy and alive!</p>Presented by Murray Banks 2012-04-25 Outside of These Walls: Medicinal Use of Music Presented by Karen L Moncher, MD, FACC 2012-04-19