Professional Development Professional Development videos at the Health Sciences Learning Center (c) 2018, UW Board of Regents. All rights reserved. Tips for Writing and Publishing Qualitative Research Presented by Nora Jacobson, PhD 2013-03-27 Teamwork When the Lives of Others Depend On It: What matters; Does Team Training Work? Ten Success Factors Presented by Eduardo Salas, PhD 2013-02-26 Job Search Fundamentals Presented by Mary Russell, MA; Darlene Helming 2012-10-24 Choosing a Clinical Science Career Presented by Daniel Ostlie, MD 2012-09-26 How to Deliver the Best Patient Experience When You are Running on Fumes Presented by Kiah Calmese-Walker 2012-07-24 Treat Every Patient Like a VIP Presented by Ben Marcus, MD 2012-07-24 Relevance of Gender Stereotypes to Academic Career Development Presented by Molly L. Carnes, MD, MS 2012-05-02 Spring 2012 SMPH Faculty and Staff Meeting Presented by Elizabeth Petty, MD; Robert N. Golden, MD 2012-04-23 Midwest Consortium of Global Child Health Educators: Local Collaboration to Optimize Global Education Presented by Nicole St Clair, MD; Sabrina Wagner, MD 2012-03-14 Lecture Capture is Good for the Instructor, Too! <p> Why would a faculty member want to record their lecture?&nbsp; Because it makes them a better instructor! This talk will explore how recording lectures benefits faculty, and strategies faculty can use to become more comfortable being recorded. Successful student use of lecture capture will also be discussed.</p>Presented by Anne-Marie Lerner, PhD 2011-11-14 What You Need to Film a Short Video, Interview or Talk Presented by Allen Rieland 2011-11-07 Writing K Grants Presented by Elizabeth Cox, MD, PhD 2011-11-04 Abstract Writing Exercise Presented by Nancy Karls 2011-11-03 Authorship & Plagiarism Presented by John J. Frey, MD 2011-11-03 Setting Up for Acceptance and Handling Rejection Presented by Robert T. Greenlee, PhD, MPH 2011-11-03