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Picture from What Hippocrates Knew and We Have Forgotten video
April 11 2012

Picture from Self-Care and Spirituality in the Classroom video
April 22 2009

Picture from For University of Wisconsin Only - Riding the Dragon: Psychological Approaches to Preventing and Limiting Secondary Stress video
January 25 2009

Picture from Teacher as Healer - Perceptions and Spiritual Connections video
April 9 2008

Picture from The Intersection of American Healthcare and Traditional Hmong Beliefs video
March 7 2008

Picture from Self Care for Success: Stress Reduction Techniques video
February 20 2008

Picture from Implications of Scientific Research on Meditation for Spiritual Care video
October 24 2007

Picture from On Being A Great Practitioner:  Why A Patient’s Spirituality Matters video
January 11 2007