Ophthalmology https://videos.med.wisc.edu Ophthalmology videos at the Health Sciences Learning Center (c) 2018, UW Board of Regents. All rights reserved. Preserving Vision as we Age: Epidemiological Evidence for Plant Pigments Protecting Eye Health https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/35028 Presented by Julie A. Mares, PhD, MSPH 2011-09-26 Large Lid Lumps: Steroid Sparing Therapy in Treatment of Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/34438 Presented by Neal Barney, MD 2011-09-09 BARN https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/34440 Presented by Amol Kulkarni 2011-09-09 An Eyelid Ditzel https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/33646 Presented by Shahed Ghoghawala, MD 2011-08-19 Retinal Ganglion Cell Axotomy by Endodiathermy in Non-human Primates https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/33570 Presented by Ryan Dashek 2011-08-12 Determinants and Regulators of Intraocular Pressure https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/33304 Presented by Paul Kaufman, MD 2011-07-29 One Eye, One Color, One Unusual Uveitic Glaucoma https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/33446 Presented by Justin Yamanuha, MD 2011-07-29 Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Syndrome https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/33302 Presented by Neal Barney, MD 2011-07-22 Cataract Surgery: Maximizing Patient Outcome https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/33176 Presented by Andrew Thliveris, MD, PhD 2011-06-24 History of Cataract Surgery https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/33178 Presented by Daniel Knoch, MD 2011-06-24 Gullstrand, Goldman, HaaG Streit & the Slit Lamp Biomicroscop https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/32964 Presented by Justin Yamanuha, MD; Justin Yamanuha, MD 2011-06-03 Function of Cytochrome P450 IBI in the Retinal Vasculature https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/32966 Presented by Tammy Elmergreen 2011-06-03 To Shake or To Cross: A Case of Nystagmus Blockage Syndrome https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/32774 Presented by Kali Loberger 2011-05-27 Ocular Trauma: Bouncing Back https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/32766 Presented by Kaylan Baban, MD 2011-05-20 Treatment of Ocular Histoplasmosis in the Anti-VEGF Era https://videos.med.wisc.edu/videos/32770 Presented by Barbara Blodi, MD 2011-05-20