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Picture from IV Acetaminophen: Old Drug, New Vistas video
February 10 2010

Picture from Cardiotoxicity of Anticancer Drugs video
December 16 2009

Picture from Pharmacogenetics: Computational Approaches to the Murine Genome video

Picture from Cardiovascular Disease Prevention with Combination Pharmacotherapy in Latin America video
November 16 2009

Picture from Translating Comparative Effectiveness Research into Practice: The <i>Diabetes Medication Choice</i> Trial video
September 14 2009

Picture from Access to Pain Treatment as a Human Right video
June 24 2009

Picture from Pharmacotherapy Update video
June 18 2009

Picture from Pharmacology Update for Advanced Practice Nurses video
June 18 2009

Picture from Secondary Prevention: Recent Antithrombotic Trials video
April 17 2009

Picture from Chemotherapy-Related Cardiomyopathy: An Update video
March 19 2009

Picture from Clinical Research from Industry's Perspective video
February 25 2009

Picture from Can Drug Regimens be Adapted to Patients, or Vice Versa? video
November 16 2008

Picture from A Global Strategic Plan for Hospital Pharmacy Practice video
September 17 2008

Picture from Overview of Translational Research: Type 1 (Efficacy) and Type II (Effectiveness) video
June 12 2008

Picture from Introduction to Clinical Trials video
June 12 2008

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